Sports - Cottage at the Valasheks

To Boží Dar
Length: 12 km
Duration: 00:41 hrs.

Biking Boží Dar


Overhanging rock called „Strašidla“ (Spooks) in the vicinity of the cottage; suitable for training in climbing

You can sport directly next to the cottage

Football field close to the cottage (70 metres away)
VVolleyball/basketball field close to the cottage (90 metres away).

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  • Mountain hiking - ice caves called "Wolf Pit" where snow stays for the whole year – 2 km away from the cottage
  • Climbing rock "Spooks" 2,5 km away from the cottage
  • Mushrooms and blueberry picking
  • A pond – possibility to swim in summer. Swimming pool 10 minutes by car from the cottage (in the town of Potůčky)
  • Biking
  • A heaven for cross-country skiing – many trails around the cottage, many pubs with refreshment
  • Ski slope in Potůčky (5 minutes by car), or in Pernink (15 minutes by car), or in a famous skiing resort Boží Dar (20 minutes by car)


Fosse Blatensky (Blatenský vodní příkop)

A noted technical relic, built up in 1540-1554; the artificial ditch that brought water from the river Černá at Boží Dar to the village of Horní Blatná. A relic of rapidly developing tin mines in the 16th century. Water was used for washing of extracted tin ore and also for mining machines. The ditch is 12 km long and approximately 2 metres wide. In 1995-2000 the fosse was completely reconstructed, and a beautiful hiking trail along the fosse was built up.

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Nature trails Fosse Blatensky and Boží Dar
Horní Blatná - Blatenský příkop

Blatensky Hill (Blatenský vrch)

Located northeast of the village Horni Blatna; height of 1043 m above sea level. Nearby Wolf Pit (Vlci jama), Ice Pit (Ledova jama) protected as nature sights. At the top of the Blatensky Hill there is a wooden observation tower and a TV tower.

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Ice Pit and Wolf Pit

Ice Pit is a 15 metres deep narrow ground depression, the rest of a mine Jiri, nowadays partly swamped by boulders and rocks. Due to its narrowness the air circulation is very slow in the pit causing a special temperature regime with never melting cave ice. Ice Pit is a part of a local natural resort called Wolf Pit, a large rock gorge created by the depression of undermined terrain, in which rests of old ruined corridors and chambers are visible. The original mine Wolfgang was one of the largest and deepest (up to 85 m) mines in local mining area.

ubytování Krušné Hory 2010 ubytování Krušné Hory 2010 ubytování Krušné Hory 2010

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